The right answer

Last night as we were walking away from the sunset at Siesta Beach in Florida, two young ladies walked up behind my wife and I and one of them yelled, “What’s your favorite zoo?” Diane was too surprised to answer and I instinctively said, “the Columbus Zoo”. We lived fairly close to Columbus, Ohio for several years and went to that zoo. If they had asked our favorite Children’s Hospital I would have also said Columbus.

They screamed, enough to cause a scene, and told us we gave the right answer. They were in Florida representing Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo. I could have just as easily said the Pittsburgh Zoo or the National Zoo in Washington, DC (where they have Pandas), both zoos we like to go to. But I gave them the answer they were looking for.

Reflecting on that exchange makes me think of standing before the God of creation and hearing Him ask something like, “By what means do you hope to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?” There is one right answer and a myriad of wrong answers including, but not limited to:

  • because I am a good person
  • because I love God
  • because my grandmother was a Christian
  • because a loving God would not send anyone to hell
  • because I prayed seven times a day

The right answer is claiming faith in and forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. There is no other Name under which we can be saved. And the rejoicing of the angels in heaven will make the enthusiasm of those young ladies over the Zoo answer seem tame!





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