The things we do for less important things

There is a sketchy weather forecast for our area around noon today.  There may be some ice.  We do not know for sure.  Ice is so hard to figure because a couple of degrees difference one way or another means snow or rain.  I certainly do not want anyone to take unnecessary risks this morning.

It is a reminder to me, though, of how we do things or not do things based on how important they are to us.  If there is a phone call you are not wanting to make and it is 9:30, you may well say, “It is going on 10:00, I do not want to call this late.”  On the other hand, if you do want to make the call, you might just say, “It is just after 9, that is not too late.”

Some of us have sat in a cold rainy football stadium to watch a football team play, or fought crowds and stood in line for bargains at the store, or go out and spend way too much money on mediocre food when we know could make a better meal at home for a lot less money.

I always wonder how God sees my priorities.  And this is not a blog to guilt you in to coming to church today.  But in your life, look at where you spend your money, how you spend your time, and what you are willing to sacrifice for.  That will tell you much about your relationship with Jesus.  Do I spend more time reading the Bible or on social media?  In prayer or keeping up with the news?  If you can’t say amen, at least say ouch.  Ouch.






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