God honoring the Philadelphia Eagles?

I do not claim to have any extraordinary insight nor did I place any wagers on the Super Bowl.  Yet, at our 11:00 worship yesterday I said it would not surprise me if the Eagles won last night.  And I may have even said I thought the Eagles would win just so God could receive the glory.  I knew both of their quarterbacks were Jesus followers.  Nick Foles, the backup turned starting QB feels the call to be a pastor when he finishes football and is currently taking online classes at Liberty university.  I played a 6 minute video of injured starting QB Carson Wentz in church yesterday talking about salvation by grace through faith, not of works.  I knew they had team Bible studies, and my wife Diane told me their star receiver had recently turned it all over to Jesus and it has turned his life around.  On top of that, their coach Doug Pederson said upon receiving congratulations last night that he wanted to give glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I do not think God orchestrates the results of football games, but I cannot help but think there may have been Divine intervention when Tom Brady uncharacteristically fumbled that ball last night at a time he would have typically moved the team down field for the winning touchdown.

But a different thought came to me this morning.  While I may be completely wrong, I think it may have been about more than giving God glory.  Those followers on the Eagles’ team would have graciously accepted defeat and given Jesus the glory in a loss.  I think it may have well been God honoring His Philadelphia Eagles.  I do not mean the Eagles’ are God’s favorite team.  I mean God has a lot of bold witnesses on that team.  And in 1 Samuel 2:30, God says, “…those that honor me I will honor…”  When God gives His people victories, He also gives them affirmation.  I have received many affirmations through movements of God.  There is no doubt that many of the Eagles’ have to feel like their close walk with God this past season has been rewarded.  I understand there are many Jesus followers on the Patriots’ team as well as on every NFL team, but it just seems like last night God gave His grace to the humble. (Proverbs 3:34)  And He gave the humble the victory. (1 Corinthians 15:57)  To God be the glory.







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1 Response to God honoring the Philadelphia Eagles?

  1. Amen. As a Giants fan I am not to root for the Eagles – but because of the things you correctly mentioned. There is a magazine “Bible Study” and I read it at the beginning of the season. It detailed how some of the Eagles (Wentz, Foles, Burke -TE who threw the TD to Foles) brought in a Logos rep to teach them how to use the software. Amazing.

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