Follow and Become

Mark 1:17 caught my attention this morning.  Jesus is calling the first disciples and He says, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  I guess it struck me because of some texting I had been doing with someone who wondered if their church was ready for “the least of these” to attend.  And in the phrase “least of these”, that’s my polite way of saying homeless, recovering addicts, welfare abusers, etc.

We have this mistaken idea that people should get their lives cleaned up and then come to Jesus.  Jesus came precisely because none of us can get our lives cleaned up without Him — at least not cleaned up enough to make us right with God.  So when we question whether our churches are ready to accept prostitutes and tax collectors, the question we are asking is, “Are we the church?”  Because if we are the church of Jesus Christ, we are always ready to welcome lost sinners, of whom we all were before Jesus made us clean.  If we allow them (and show them how) to follow, who knows what God may help them become.





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1 Response to Follow and Become

  1. Great post. Jesus qualifies the called, not calls the qualified. Saints are all just saved sinners.

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