Receiving them in Jesus’ Name

Along with other teachers throughout the state, our local Frankfort Middle and High School teachers are picketing near the church today and tomorrow for a solution to their health insurance premium increases and lack of pay increases. They are near the lowest paid teachers in the country. I feel for them. West Virginia United Methodist pastors are the lowest paid United Methodist pastors in the country. WV UMC pastors graduate with a $50,000 masters degree and go to work in WV for $37,000 a year. But this is not a post about salaries.

They called the other day to ask if they could park in the church parking lot. Of course, I said yes. I asked one of the teachers this morning (there must be over 60 along the road) what they had planned for a bathroom. She did not know and I told her they were welcome to use the church restrooms. I had errands to run and was not here this morning, but when I returned my wife Diane said she had been seeing teachers go in and out of the church. Diane said it was so ironic that the school systems do everything within their power to keep the church and Jesus out of the schools. And here is the church opening the doors to those from the schools.

It is a great reminder that the church is supposed to be different. The church is not to be like the world. The schools represent the world and even teachers themselves are often forbidden from mentioning Jesus in school. While the Bible teaches us right from wrong, and that is proclaimed here at Wesley Chapel UMC, just because someone may hear from the pulpit that their lifestyle or favorite habit is a sin, that does not mean they are not welcome here. We receive all in Jesus’ Name.





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2 Responses to Receiving them in Jesus’ Name

  1. Be blessed for opening your doors.

  2. Amy Cowgill says:

    Thanks for your support, Wesley Chapel!! Warm cookies were delicious!!

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