He’s No Billy Graham, Or Is He?

I want to go to Washington, DC next Thursday to visit the casket of Reverend Billy Graham as he lies in state at the Capital Rotunda.  I do not know if it will work out for me.  Billy Graham was one of the most influential preachers of the second half of the 20th century.  I have read several articles since his passing about his son Franklin carrying on Billy’s legacy, and how Franklin is no Billy.  The articles pointed out that Franklin speaks out boldly against Islam and the LGBT acceptance in our country and is a lightening rod.

The irony for me is I hear the same message from both of them.  Admit you are a sinner, trust in Jesus Christ, or you will go to hell.  There is no other Name by which you can be saved.  Implied in the message is that Islam is not going to make you right with God.  Implied in the message is that anything other than the Bible’s teaching is sin.  Would that include anything other than man-woman union as taught by Scripture?  Absolutely.

“Let me say this loud and clear!” Graham responded to a young woman who wrote to him in 1974 confessing her love for another woman. “We traffic in homosexuality at the peril of our spiritual welfare.” This was after Graham had claimed homosexuality to be a “sinister form of perversion” that was contributing to the decay of civilization, according to the book “Martin Luther King Jr., Homosexuality, and the Early Gay Rights Movement” by Michael G. Long.*

I do not think it is that Billy and Franklin are so different.  The reason they seem so different is that our society is SO different.  Our society is drifting further and further from God.  Billy Graham could only be the beloved Billy Graham during the time he lived.  If he was in his prime today, I think he would be more like Franklin Graham than all the harmony seeking, all religions equal people would care to admit.  And in Billy’s prime, compared to today, the majority of people were hungry for the Gospel.  Today, compared to then, the majority of people reject Christianity’s exclusivity and goal of righteousness.  The primary difference between Billy and Franklin is us.








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1 Response to He’s No Billy Graham, Or Is He?

  1. Well said. And you are right about the culture now versus 40 years ago. I remember how much my mom enjoyed Billy Graham. Things are very different today. One thing has never changed, though, and that is the offensive nature of the Gospel.

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