Just and unjust

The idea that the world is so cruel is what caused CS Lewis to not believe in God .  He could not believe in a God who would let the world go on as it does.  Where was God in this “unjust” world?  And that thinking of things being so wrong actually led Him to believe in God.

If there is no God, there can be no just or unjust actions. If there is no God then there is no purpose.  If there is no God and we are just on this planet for 1 to 100 years, why would we care about starving people in Africa?  Why would we care about the homeless around us?  Who is to say what is just and unjust?  It is all just someone’s opinion.

One could argue that all the division in our society today is because our society is living as if there is no God, when the truth is that He does exist.  Our society is living as if we get to decide what is right and wrong.   So people argue over genders, marriage, abortion, race, etc. because everyone believes they get to decide what is right and wrong.

This very idea that there is a right and a wrong, some higher moral ideal, is exactly what brought CS Lewis to believe in a perfect, righteous, holy God.  He became a Believer precisely because there is justice and injustice in our world.  And the fact that we can see it and know it– when you and I can understand that, then we must defer to Him.





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1 Response to Just and unjust

  1. True words that are very relevant for our world today. If there is any moral standard, it must come from a power higher than humankind.

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