God’s Building

Last night Diane and I were talking about which of our cars need inspected in March and April.  For those from Uganda who read today’s blog, the phrase “which of our cars” sounds preposterous, but I digress.  She said hers expires this month.  I told her one of mine do, but I am not sure which one.  We have a van and a car that we would consider mine.  She would never claim a mini-van as hers, lol.  We, as a society, are pretty presumptuous and possessive about what is ours.  We always say, “my office” in the church.  We have a half bathroom off our bedroom that is “our bathroom”.  You get the point.

For those from out of the area or out of the country reading this, the West Virginia teachers’ strike reaches 7 days today.  Diane was leaving the pastor’s office (my office) in the church yesterday and one of the teachers said, “thanks for opening your church to us” as many of them have been using the restrooms, warming up, and parking here.  I heard Diane from down the hall say something like, “It is the Lord’s church.  We’re happy you’re using it.”  Hebrews 2:10, among others, says, “Everything belongs to God, and all things were created by his power.” 

Our church currently houses an addiction resource recovery center, girl scouts, Narcotics Anonymous and NarAnon Meetings, community dinners, a food pantry, over and above the typical church related worship, teachings, and meetings.  All people can do as a local church body is to decide what would glorify God as they allow people to use His church.  The local church people are simply stewards, which would be defined as people who care for God’s building.  In my opinion, anything other than what would be clearly against His teaching or mission should be a “yes”.




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