15 days of mediocrity

For people who do not want snow, the next 15 days looks good.  For others who want snow, the next couple of weeks does not look promising.  For those like me who long for spring and summer, the next 15 days look mediocre.  With highs in the 40’s and 50’s and lows in the 20’s and 30’s, it is not exactly the weather I want, but neither is the weather I do not want.  I think it might be the kind of March that brings the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC into full bloom in early April instead of late March.

Even in the non-eventful, average weather that is predicted for March, the days are worth cherishing.  I have plants that I brought in for the winter that can go back out during the days so they can get re-acclimated to the outdoors.  I will bring them in at night.  It is a good forecast for those who want to start walking and running outside.  We can sit back and wait for the “good weather” or we can take advantage of the fair weather and make the most of it as we wait.

Do you already see the transition I am ready to make?  Life really has a lot of typical days.  While you could make the argument that every day is special, blah, blah, the truth is we see most days as unremarkable.  Most days are average.  And most days are spent looking forward to something that is in the future – a birthday, an anniversary, a vacation, a holiday, the weekend, etc.  As followers of Jesus, I do not believe He wants you or me to overlook today.  I believe His Holy Spirit will be evident in today.  He will present opportunities today for the first time and for the last time.  Do not miss the miracle in the mediocrity.  There is opportunity in today.






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