You gotta be careful

This morning at the church egg making I overheard a guy I have never seen before.  He said he was on unemployment for a few weeks until he got called back to his job.  When you are drawing unemployment you have to make contacts about employment so it appears you are actively seeking a job.  He said he had to be careful where he checked for work because some places he went wanted to hire him.  (This is another crazy thing for anyone from Haiti or Africa to read, where they are starving for work.)  If you are not careful, they will hire you.

This makes me think of church.  There are big churches you can attend where you can blend in and nothing is expected of you.  There are other churches that have pastors who will never challenge the congregation to a “closer walk with Thee” — who preach a Christianity that expects nothing of you.

I believe in a Christianity that expects something from the saved.  I take Jesus at His word when He said, “If you want to be my disciple, pick up your cross and follow me”.  Do not misunderstand what I am saying.  I am not saying that one is saved by picking up their cross, but when we are saved there is a cross to pick up.  If you want to be a lukewarm, mediocre Christian, you had better be careful hanging around Wesley Chapel.  You might be convinced, as I have been, that lukewarm and Christian do not go together.

It is way too easy to spend your entire life studying/thinking about a walk with Jesus and not walking with Jesus.






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