Knowing your audience

It’s tough to preach on Sunday mornings because there is such a wide variety of people in the pews.  Every Sunday at Wesley Chapel, among those attending are lost people who need to be saved, discouraged Christians who need to be encouraged, and lukewarm Christians who need a kick in the pants.  When I go to the mission, while there is still variety, I am preaching to a bunch of people who live at the mission.  When I preach in Haiti, while there is variety among the people, the common thread is I am preaching to people who live in a tough, tough place.

This coming Easter Sunday I am preaching my first community Easter Sunrise Worship since I arrived 5 years ago, which will be at the Pinto Mennonite Church.  Unlike the three services we have at our church on Easter morning, which will have a lot of people who only come to church a few times a year, the people at Pinto will be primarily be committed Christians.  What do committed Christians need to hear?

We must never change or dilute God’s Word, but we must always find ways to reach the people God has placed in our path.  How I speak to them at the mission is different than Haiti which is different than the church.  You have opportunities to proclaim Jesus to different people in different settings.  As He gives you opportunity, I pray He would give you the courage and wisdom, and even the simplicity, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.





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