There all along

For the last 6 weeks I have known I needed to order coffee filters for our 3 burner Bunn coffee maker.  They take a bigger filter, not a standard household filter.  I’ve even used paper towels to make coffee, so as not to completely run out of the few remaining filters we had.  There was no good reason I had not ordered new ones.  I just never did.  You can imagine my surprise when I was looking for something in the storage room at the church this morning and I found a box with 500 filters in it, in the corner of the room.  It was there all along, and I had not realized it.  I am in that room nearly every day, yet had never seen it.  This brings to mind a story from the Bible (Genesis 28) when Jacob said, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” 

Today is the Saturday of Easter weekend.  It is hard to imagine which day would have been worse for the disciples – Friday when Jesus was crucified or Saturday when the weight of what had happened hit them and they believed they would never see Him again.  Sometimes the day after is worse than the day of.  What the disciples did not realize is that they would discover Jesus the next morning.  And that would be the last time in history that anyone had to be separated from Him.

He is near.  He is here.  If you are His and do not feel His presence, your feelings are lying to you.  Because Jesus does not lie.  He says in Matthew 28:20, “…be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  He is near.  He is here.

I invite you to take in this song from Kari Jobe:






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2 Responses to There all along

  1. Dennis Mickey says:

    Thanks for the wisdom and insight Pastor Knowlton. I appreciate your messages.

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