A dirty little lie – the lies of a 2 year old

Yesterday in church I was talking to an 8 year old about sin and we were talking about lies.  I said her two year old brother had not learned how to lie yet.  Dad chimed in and said that was untrue.  He said you could ask the two year old if he had a poopy diaper and he would shake his head no, lying right to your face.  Now, that is a dirty little lie. (I could not help myself).

There are not many of us who would claim perfection. I would guess there is not one of us who would claim we have never told a lie.  Where many of us stumble is that we do not see the severity of our sin.  A lie seems trivial.  My sin does not seem to rise to the level of a “death penalty”.  Where we need to change our thinking is not the level of the offense.  It is the holiness of the one we offend.

One mom put her 40 cents in the birthday basket at church yesterday, meaning she had just turned 40.  I told her I was sure her kids thought she was ancient.  She said they did.  I told her it all depended who you hung around with whether you were seen as, and thought of yourself as, young or old.  I told her I just try to hang around people so old that they made me feel and look young.  That is a parable of the significance of sin.  Compared to most people I know, I feel pretty good about my good/bad ratio.  I probably study the Bible more, pray just as much, and behave just as well as most people.  But when I compare myself to Jesus, I see how short I fall in forgiveness, in sacrifice, and in my thoughts, among other areas.

Jesus is the measuring stick – or the bar.  And we all fall short.  We will not enter heaven unless our life matches us to Jesus.  That is why our sin must be punished.  That is why we need a Savior. Not just to show us where we fall short, but to make a way that we may be forgiven.  That is why God sent Jesus.





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3 Responses to A dirty little lie – the lies of a 2 year old

  1. Great post with multiple metaphors! I like your second to last sentence a lot. I am currently taking an ethics class and an issue with many ethical systems is the lack of translation of abstract laws to application of the system. Jesus came to show us the perfect life in application of abstract laws.

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