We all have faith

I listened to a Timothy Keller talk this morning.  It was from a talk he did with Google employees.  He touched upon faith.  Whatever you do, do not say you do not have faith.  He said we all have faith.  Those who believe in Jesus have faith that He loves us and that He died for our sin and that makes us right with God.  Our faith in this belief can be based upon many things.  Part of mine is based upon my belief that the Bible and the story of Jesus makes more sense to me than not believing.  I cannot believe that the world just happens to be.  I find it more likely that there is a creator than there not being one.   Believing this, I cannot believe that there is a God who expects us to be good enough to reach Him.  The story of Jesus makes the most sense.

Keller said others who do not believe in God have faith that there is no God.  Again, there are many reasons that lead them to believe this.  His argument is that both take faith.  Just as I cannot prove that there is a God, non-believers can not prove there is no God.

If you believe there is no God, you are wise to live however you want with the laws or based on what you can get away with.  If you believe there is a God, you are wise to live in ways that are pleasing to God.

The irony is that there are some people who deny God’s existence, yet live lives as good people who many would confuse with believing in God.  And there are others who claim a belief in God who live in ways that completely contradict His instructions.

Is it any wonder this world is so confusing?





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