No spare tire

It’s funny how things get named.  Think of the term “spare tire”?  We would never name it that today.  We would probably call it an “extra tire” or “emergency tire”.  I have a mini van and the spare tire is accessible from underneath the van.  I would not have a clue how to get to it.  I was at a red light a couple of weeks ago and saw this tire on the back of a vehicle.  It would be easy enough to get to, but had holes all around it.  It was as good as having none.

At our Wednesday night devotion after the dinner I talked about a superficial faith.  I talked about what I read in a Bible commentary – that Jesus sometimes walked away from a crowd full of people who wanted healing because He was not interested in leading them to a superficial faith.  If the healing was not going to lead to depth in one’s faith, it was pointless… much like this spare tire.

We go through life placing importance on things that do not matter in the end.  It is sad when people get to the end and think we have something of value and we have nothing.  You pour your heart and soul into a job, a volunteer organization, a vehicle, or any number of things, and you risk ending up with nothing of value.  Spend your life doing things that matter in eternity.  The Good News Club in New Haven, WV, run by my good friend Beth Foreman comes to mind.  Donate to Samaritan’s PurseBuy an item to go in a shipping container to Haiti for Hope Rising Children’s Home.  Plant a tree.  Do not get to the end of your life and realize very little you did mattered in eternity.

Enjoy this Andrew Peterson Song:






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