We like like us

I saw they made a robot as lifelike as possible and put it in a London pub.  People were freaked out.  It is one thing to have a “robot” that cleans the floor (as we do in the sanctuary).  It is a completely different thing to build one that looks and acts like a human being.  It is obviously where we are heading.

In general, we tend to like people who are like us.  Last night I heard someone say that the best way to get desirable qualities in a mate is to be the person you want to attract.  They said, “If I want someone kind, I must be kind.”

Which brings me to the point of today’s writing.  Jesus wants us to be like him.  We tend to want to make Him like us.  When we disagree with His teachings in the Bible, when we think our opinion is right and what the Bible teaches is old fashioned or irrelevant, we are trying to make Him like us.  It really is scary how few people are ever converted by the Bible in their thinking, and I am talking primarily about the New Testament, after Jesus’ arrival, because He changed everything.  When take from it the parts we agree with and refuse to take it all, we are making Him into our image.  And more and more in our modern Christianity, that is obviously where we are heading.





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