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We love you

There are two obituaries on my Facebook news feed today.  One of them is a 32 year old, one is a 27 year old.  I know 32 year old Charlie Snyder’s death was an overdose.  You can read his obituary … Continue reading

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He is with me always

Yesterday I got a note from WordPress, the site that my blog is on.  They wished me a “happy anniversary”.  They reminded me that it was 8 years ago yesterday that I signed up with them to write a blog.  … Continue reading

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Why does my desk always need cleaned off?

I know some people say a cluttered desk is the sign of a genius.  I do not know about that, but I know it is the sign of someone who bites off more than they can chew.  There are over … Continue reading

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The same wind that blows the storm away

The other day Patricia, a friend of ours in Florida, posted many beautiful pictures of this dark, rainy sky.  This is one I swiped from her facebook page.  It made me think of this line from a song that talks … Continue reading

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A free baked steak dinner

This morning I browned 140 pieces of cubed steak – about 37 pounds!  It’s going to cook all day and will be super tender for our community dinner tonight.  We are hoping for 100 people for dinner.  The dinners are … Continue reading

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Hello from beautiful Cancun

You have to get up early to see the sunrise in Cancun, but it is worth getting up for.  Here is my picture from today.  You can barely make out a small lighthouse in the middle of the photo on … Continue reading

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Discount love

Diane and I were at Ollie’s and saw a sign for Mother’s Day on Valentine’s Day candy.  I remember not having any money.  I remember one time Diane saw a stuffed animal at a store.  It was a big bear … Continue reading

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