No Pandora in Haiti

The good thing about YouTube videos in Haiti is there are no advertisements.  Do you know why?  There is nobody to advertise to.  When I see YouTube ads for automobiles or movies in the United States, they know most people can afford them.  Very few people in Haiti can afford to purchase cars or have the disposable income to go see a movie at a theater.  YouTube is wasting bandwidth if they show ads there.  I will give YouTube credit.  They let you watch YouTube videos in Haiti, unlike Pandora.

I listen to Pandora all the time.  When I was on wifi in Haiti last week, I tried to play Pandora, but it said it was “unavailable in the country you are in”.  Things we think of as free are only free because advertisers want to pitch their product to us, so they pay to do so.  We are valuable to advertisers because they want us to buy their products.

I am thankful that God is not like that.  God does not love us because of who we are or what we do.  He loves us because of who He is.  He loves the people in Haiti just like He loves the people in the United States.  He is the God who values every person.  He does not command you to change so He will love you.  He loves and accepts you as you are.  While following Him will lead to change, you need not change to begin to follow Him.






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