Things that really matter

Nobody ever thinks they are old.  I remember the secretary where I used to work telling me a story about her in-laws.  She had taken them to the store, and these white haired 80 year olds stopped and talked to a friend.  Upon parting ways, they discussed how old their friend looked.  My co-worker laughed as she told the story, remarking how her in-laws did not see themselves as looking old.

I know I am getting old, whether I see myself that way or not.  The internet reminds me.  Google, Facebook, Words With Friends, and all the other programs we use target their advertising.  The ad on the left popped up on my phone a couple of weeks ago.  I took a screen shot of it.  I want to write to the company and tell them they are being ripped off because the app I was using is sending ads for old people to people who are not old.  Then I remember I am closer to 60 than to 50.  (For the record, my wife is much, much, much closer to 50 than to 60).  I am reminded for the entire week after I help lay flooring that I am no longer young.  I hope I am not close to needing a “help I have fallen and I cannot get up” necklace, but the truth is, I am at the age that I begin to worry about wasted time.

While I believe I will spend eternity living, this life as I know it will end.  Faith will be sight.  Until then, I want to fight the good fight.  I want to spend my years doing what matters in eternity, like my friend Cindy Hall who serves as the choir director for teens who have been dealt tough hands and are being loved by Cindy at Burlington United Methodist Family Services.  And like my friends Matt and Cara Smithson and Ben and Andi Lunsford who serve at Hope Rising Children’s Home in Haiti.

You are not getting any younger.  Are you doing what matters?





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