It is no secret

Diane and I have the best macaroni and cheese recipe.  People love it anywhere we serve it.  We got it from Mrs. Snyder (her name at the time) at a dinner at our home church many years ago.  She always brought macaroni and cheese and I always loved it.  I asked her if she would share her recipe.  She said she would.  She said it was called “Macaroni and Cheese Casserole” and was on the back of the San Giorgio elbow macaroni box. It is best when Diane makes it in Pampered Chef stoneware.  I make it in big double batch foil pans when I serve it to bigger crowds.  It is my favorite mac and cheese, and is even better with bacon mixed in.  I have shared it with many people who have asked me for the recipe.

It was hilarious when I asked if she would share the recipe and she told me where it was.  It is right there for the world to see.  I just needed someone to point me to it. It was no secret.  In a similar way, Jesus is like that.

  • When people lose a loved one and the world says, “How can you get through this?”
  • When you have every right to get even with someone and you choose to forgive.
  • When you tithe to a church, or give a generous gift.

It is no secret how or why Christians do what they do.  It is Jesus who gives us the promise that death is not the end, so we do not mourn as those who have no hope. It is Jesus that tells us to forgive, and He was on to something because unforgiveness eats away at us and when we forgive we are freed.  And there is no doubt that we were designed by God in such a way that giving fills a need in us.  It is no secret.  It is right there for the world to grasp.





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