Why does my desk always need cleaned off?

I know some people say a cluttered desk is the sign of a genius.  I do not know about that, but I know it is the sign of someone who bites off more than they can chew.  There are over 30 books on my desk.  I know the books go back to Good Friday prep because Charles Swindoll’s The Darkness and the Dawn is on the bottom of one stack.  There is also Naloxone (Narcan), a John Wesley Bobblehead with headbands, and a pineapple plant.  If I were to clean my desk, there is very little anyone would consider trash.  There is a newspaper that has an article in it about Haiti that I think I was supposed to give back to someone.  There is a bill the church is paying for someone.

This morning I see my desk as more than a cluttered desk, but I see it as a parable of life.  Most of the things in our lives are good.  Most of our commitments are worthy.  But every once in a while, the good things can begin to crowd out the better things.  In her book Leaving Church, Barbara Brown Taylor says most of us are pretty good at choosing between good and evil, but do not do a very good job choosing between good, better, and best.  My life becomes so crowded with good things that I sometimes neglect the best – which for me is time alone with God.

I hope to clean my desk this week.  Yet, it is not as important as writing a letter to the US Embassy in Haiti, which has to get done this week.  It is not as important as the appointment I have tomorrow with State Farm Insurance, helping someone try to get fines from the Maryland MVA eliminated.  And it was obviously not as important as today’s blog reminding you and me to make time and room for Jesus in our lives.





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