He is with me always

Yesterday I got a note from WordPress, the site that my blog is on.  They wished me a “happy anniversary”.  They reminded me that it was 8 years ago yesterday that I signed up with them to write a blog.  A lot has happened since then.  My wife Diane and our two sons have all graduated from college.  We have gone on 20 Samaritan’s Purse mission trips.  I have gone to Haiti six times.  We have moved from Mason, WV on the eastern side of the state to Short Gap, on the western side of the state.  I moved from my late 40’s to my mid 50’s.  And this is my 1,443rd blog post.  What comes to mind is “just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo, but I digress.

8 years is about 2,920 days.  On average I have written a blog post every other day for 8 years.  Part of it has been the one woman who told me 8 years ago that her husband read my blog and it was pretty much the only “church” he got.  Part of what has kept me going is notes (real handwritten notes) and emails from Lisa in Montana, “Don’t quit”.  Part of it is making time for it.  Even as I am finishing this day’s post, I know I desperately need to head out the door to do other good things in the Name of Jesus.

But the most important thing about the last 8 years of blogging is that I have felt called to it and I feel like nearly every one of the 1,400+ posts give God the glory.  He is with me always, just like He promised.  He is with you, too.  Just like He promised.






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