One more point of light

President George H.W. Bush made famous the phrase “A Thousand Points of Light” in his 1988 RNC presidential acceptance speech.  It had been used in various ways by authors going back 50 years before that. Every time the church, and you as an individual representing Jesus, does a good work in His name, you are one more point of light.

Today Jesus is having our church take about 20 backpacks filled with goodies for kids to Keyser.  Each one will have a book, toy, stuffed animal, blanket, coloring book, crayons, water bottle, and more.  They will be ready for kids who get pulled from their homes because of unsafe situations.  They will be comfort in a time of chaos.  When the United Methodist Women decided to help pay for these, it is unlikely they thought about being part of the fight in the opioid crisis, but many of the kids who need this kind of thing are casualties of the drug problem.  Others are caught up in domestic disputes.  Some are pulled from abusive situations.  It will be for each of them, a light in the darkness.

I do not tell you things like this to brag about our church or myself (I had nothing to do with this, and I do not want to tell you who spearheaded it).  Today, I want to inspire you to be, or lead your own church to be, another point of light.  If you are a friend in another part of the state or country, maybe you will want to investigate the possibility in your area of doing this.  Or more likely, you will have an opportunity come your way in your own particular context.  If every church and every Christian would seize the opportunities God sends them, we would indeed change the world.  But all any of us can do is to change our own little corner of it, or perhaps just one person’s world….. perhaps a child’s.

“One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out.” ~ C.S. Lewis in The Magician’s Nephew







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