I am blessed

Today I am moving our Wednesday night community dinner stuff to the fire hall.  We have Vacation Bible School this week and it would have been inconvenient for the VBS folks for the weekly community dinner to be in the social hall.  I wanted to have the dinner at the picnic shelter, but the weather is rainy, so we are moving our Wednesday night activities to the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company social hall.

In April when we went to Haiti we were picked up at the airport by our Haitian friend Phito.  He spoke of how much it had been raining. I asked him if he liked the rain. He said he loved it.  I told him that by his answer I knew he had a roof that did not leak.  He smiled and said he had a good roof.

When I was moving the first load of stuff to the fire hall a few minutes ago, I was thinking about vehicles that Diane and I owned in the past that leaked.  We had one the the trunk leaked and we could never find the leak.  We had a Chrysler Cordoba that leaked because the wheel well/trunk area had rusted so bad the the tire threw water into the trunk.  We had one car that the back seat got wet because of rain water coming up through the bottom somehow and the boys had to sit on garbage bags.  When I was moving the dinner supplies today I was thankful for a van that does not leak.

I like it when God reminds me how blessed I am.



(Yes, the NA and NarAnon meetings will follow the dinner and devotion at the fire hall at 7, use the back parking lot so as not to block the ambulance and fire truck exits in the front.)







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