A better view

You might see today’s blog post as morbid, but there is a great lesson.  This morning I was talking to someone who flies helicopters.  They said they often get called in for searches and rescues.  During their searches, sometimes they find people alive and sadly sometimes they do not.  They can be hovering 200 feet above a lake and see a body at the bottom of the lake when the water is clear.  The people in boats on the water cannot see the bottom of the lake, so the helicopter will radio the boat and tell them where they need to go.  It is a strange conversation, I know and sad to think about, but it is such a great parable.

In a way, we are like the boat on the water and God is like the helicopter.  God has a view that we do not have.  He knows things we do not know.  He can see things we cannot see.  It is important to remember this when we question what He is doing, which for me is quite often.  I hope you remember this the next time you wonder what He is doing.





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