Loving like Jesus

My wife and I probable agree 80% of the time.  (She may disagree with that figure).  I have two sons with whom I do not agree 50% of the time.  But I also am reasonable enough to admit that I am not always right.  Some people will not admit they might not be right.

Some issues are important to one person and not another. Some people see abortion as women’s health care.  Some (including me) see it as the death of a life.  Some people are for more open borders, some are against any type of border enforcement, and others are for a more strict border enforcement.  I am more of a border enforcement believer.  I understand Biblical arguments that could be made for more open borders.  I understand Biblical arguments that can be made for border enforcement by arguing that we are to obey the laws of the nation.  I understand arguments that allow for civil disobedience (such as in the book of Daniel).

I also understand the love of Jesus, even while admitting I do not understand it completely.  I understand the love of Jesus when I am with those with whom I disagree most, or who disagrees with me most.  I sometimes remember that I am to love them like Jesus.  Sometimes I do not love them as I should.

I best understand the love of Jesus when my son wants to make his arguments to me about politics.  Honestly, sometimes I want to act like Archie Bunker.  But I love my son too much.  I do not care how much we disagree on any of today’s hot button issues.  I love our sons.  I love my wife.  And whatever our disagreements, that will never change.  That is a love like Jesus.

Jesus loved people without agreeing with them on everything.  Jesus loved people who did not love Him.  That is how He has called me to love my neighbor.  And all I can tell you is that I am working on it.





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