A good deal

Saturday Diane and I went to the Bon-Ton store at the mall.  They are having a “going out of business sale” and Diane thought they were now at 80% off.  It turned out they were actually “up to 80% off”.  A few things were 80% off.  Most things were 60% off.  Some things were only 40% off.  I understand the job of the liquidating company is to make as much money as they can.  I worked at Sun Television and Appliance in Parkersburg, WV when the chain went out of business.  I worked at the store until the last couple of days.

We saw Simply Fit boards at Bon-Ton for $80.  We were familiar with the boards because we saw them on the TV show Shark Tank.  Bon-Ton had them at 60% off, making them $32.  We mocked the $80 starting price quietly to each other.  Then we went to Walmart and saw them marking the boards $8.  We bought one at Walmart for $8 just to try it, even though we could have saved $48 if we had bought the one at Bon-Ton.  Surely you can see how ludicrous that kind of thinking is.

I am a bargain shopper and any time I think about what I saved, I have to take into consideration the cost and the need.  I can find t-shirts on sale for $1.99, yet they can still not be a good deal because I already have 40 t-shirts.  I am not judging any of you on your purse or shoe purchases.

When I think about cost and savings and need, my mind always goes to Jesus.  We have heard “Jesus took my place on the cross” so many times that it does not affect us.  The cost for my salvation was the life of the Son of God.  It is humbling.  There was no discount to save my life.  The cost was great.  But God saw me as worth it.  He saw you as worth it.  As I live my life, I want to live it in such a way that I show Him how much I appreciate the purchase.  Yet, on the flip side, every time I disappoint myself it is important to remember His initial purchase not only saved me once, but saves me forever – saves me from condemnation; saves me from guilt; saves me from accusations from the enemy.

As you understand the need, understand the cost, and understand what was saved, praise God, He considers you a good deal.





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