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Blooming where you are planted

We have chipmunks that gather sunflower seeds that fall from the bird feeders and then plant them all over the place.  The other day I took this picture of some sunflower seeds that began blooming in a pot with a … Continue reading

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A 40 year old letter to the editor

This morning I was thinking about blogging something today and what came to my mind is how God is always at work preparing us for things.  I thought back to high school when I wrote a letter to the editor … Continue reading

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Equipping the called

I was just humbled beyond measure by the following comment on one of the sermons from my blog: Thnq paster…….iam blessed by ur sermon really inspiring sermon and god has given u knowledge to share word of god…please pray for … Continue reading

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Looking for a sign

The other day I filled up my vehicle.  On the drive home I noticed that where the numbers for the mileage usually show, there were letters instead.  The letters said, “gASCAP”.  There was no doubt what the van was trying … Continue reading

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Breaking my promise to myself

Last night we were in Cabela’s in Wheeling, WV.  I had some credit with them through a Cabela’s credit card.  I was looking for discounted running shoes/sneakers, not because I run but because I am on my feet pretty much … Continue reading

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I am Batman

I was surprised the other day by a vehicle behind me.  Locals may have seen it before, but it was my first time.  It was a yellow truck, with black trim all decked out with the Batman logo.  Across the … Continue reading

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Nothing to be afraid of

This morning I was trying to figure out why bees were getting into a certain fluorescent light at the church.  I was looking between the drop ceiling and the roof above it.  And I just about freaked out when I … Continue reading

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Staying close to the center

This morning I put nearly 50 pound of ham on to slow cook for the community dinner tonight at the church.  I also made a half gallon of sugar free lemonade.  As I was making the lemonade, I was swirling … Continue reading

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The big fish that swallowed me up

I was talking with some friends last night.  One of them was paying the other a compliment when they said, “I was Jonah and you were the big fish.”  Say what?  They explained that they were on the run and … Continue reading

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When you can’t see

It was really strange the other day driving down that road knowing what I could not see.  Locals know this as where 956 ends in Maryland near the rocket center.  There’s a big mountain behind that fog.  Without the fog, … Continue reading

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