When you can’t see

It was really strange the other day driving down that road knowing what I could not see.  Locals know this as where 956 ends in Maryland near the rocket center.  There’s a big mountain behind that fog.  Without the fog, you would see a mountain at least 3/4 the way up that photo.  With the fog, you could not see it.  I know the mountain is there.  If someone was driving on that road for the first time, they would not know it.

It is a lot like the difference between knowing God is near and not knowing He is near.  Can I see Him every second of every day?  Of course not.  Can people make an argument that they can?  Sure.  They claim they can see Him in a raindrop, in a falling leaf, etc.  That does not always suffice for me.  When things are crashing down around me and when I do not see or feel Him, I must remind myself that regardless of what I see or feel, like that mountain, He is definitely there.  In those times, all I can do is cry out to Him and ask Him to help me hang in there until I can clearly see Him again.





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