Staying close to the center

This morning I put nearly 50 pound of ham on to slow cook for the community dinner tonight at the church.  I also made a half gallon of sugar free lemonade.  As I was making the lemonade, I was swirling the bottle at the bottom while holding it steady at the top.  The result was the bottom of the bottle swirling and spinning the powder up with the water as it went round and round, while at the same time the top was stable and steady enough for the water to be going in the bottle.  Can you see it in your mind?  After I filled it I took this picture to help you picture it.  It was not easy to do, but as I held that bottle the thought of the top remaining steady while the bottom went round and round gave me the following thought.

As we are able to make Jesus the center, and as we stay focused on Him – meaning He remains the center of our lives, we are better able to remain steady and unshakable.  It is not unlike avoiding sea sickness by focusing on the steady horizon, and not on the waves rocking the boat you are in.

I am not saying I never get upset, I admit I do.  But when I do, as I look back and can now think about it with a clear head, I realize those are the times I have removed Jesus from His rightful throne and placed myself on it.  At the very least, I have placed my ills, wills, and skills in His place.  I have found that if I do my part, He will do His part.  And if I do not do my part, He is still doing His part.

Do not be one of the people of whom God says, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”  (Matthew 15:8)  When your heart is far from Him, it is too susceptible to the ebbs and flows & rise and fall of life’s tides.

“You will keep the mind that is dependent on You in perfect peace, for it is trusting in You.” ~ Isaiah 26:3





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1 Response to Staying close to the center

  1. LeeSoyer says:

    As long as we stay focused on him and keep him up in his throne it doesn’t matter how things get shaken on the bottom. Great insight!

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