Nothing to be afraid of

This morning I was trying to figure out why bees were getting into a certain fluorescent light at the church.  I was looking between the drop ceiling and the roof above it.  And I just about freaked out when I saw a bat. It was hanging above the drop ceiling and had its wing wrapped around its body.  I took a picture and zoomed in on it.  That is when I realized it was not a bat at all.  It only looked like a bat. It was actually a piece of insulation paper.  While putting up fiberglass insulation is not my favorite thing, a piece of insulation paper does not scare me.

Much of the time when we are afraid, we really only misunderstand or partially understand something.  Other times, it is helpful to change our thought process.  A couple of months ago someone was preaching for me on a Sunday morning.  I do not remember if they used the words ‘scared’ or ‘afraid’, but they were at the very least extremely nervous.  I told him there was no need to be nervous because the people he would be preaching to would be rooting for him.  They would encourage him.  Some would even come up to him afterwards and tell him it was a wonderful sermon even if it was not that great.  He said, “I have never looked at it that way.”

Sons and daughters of God through Jesus Christ need not fear anything.  If we but remember that we have a Father in heaven and a Savior at His side as our Advocate, it will take some of the fear away.  It does not mean that we will never go through some pain and discomfort, and things we do not look forward to, but even that will be used for good by our gracious Heavenly Father.  We have nothing to fear.

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will surely help you; I will uphold you with My right hand of righteousness. ~ Isaiah 41:10






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