Equipping the called

I was just humbled beyond measure by the following comment on one of the sermons from my blog:

Thnq paster…..gi….iam blessed by ur sermon really inspiring sermon and god has given u knowledge to share word of god…please pray for me that iam doing work as a paster…but i have a little knowledge..God has called me to do his work
…….please pray…

I have 35 sermons typed out on my blog and Google will translate them into any language.  You have probably never noticed that I rarely use contractions.  For example I hardly ever write wouldn’t, but always try to write would not.  Would not translates better.  On any given day, there will be people from 30 countries who read a blog post or sermon on my site, many from where Christianity is illegal.

I am blessed beyond measure to have received a seminary education and have hundreds of books in my office.  I pray that the Bible based education that I received does not go to waste.  I want to share the knowledge I received from United Theological Seminary.  I want to share what I have learned through my studies since I graduated in 2010.  I want to share it not only with the people of Wesley Chapel, but the people of India and China and Pakistan.  I want pastors in Tanzania to be able to translate free sermons into their language.  It is not that I have authored any of the top sermons on any Biblical text, but I do believe they are Biblically based and they are free.

I will preach a sermon tomorrow on Elijah and on the cross of Jesus.  I will teach from 1 Kings chapters 18 and 19, and try not to bore people.  But tomorrow, of all Sundays, I will be reminded of a pastor who is called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and is doing the best he can in a far off land.  I can say this for sure, I would rather hear the Gospel from someone whom God has called to preach it that has limited knowledge than someone He has not called who has a doctorate.  It is my prayer that I have the calling on my life to go with the education I have received.  And even with the education behind me, God is still teaching me.  Will you say a prayer for pastors who will be sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ both here and around the world?





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