Blooming where you are planted

We have chipmunks that gather sunflower seeds that fall from the bird feeders and then plant them all over the place.  The other day I took this picture of some sunflower seeds that began blooming in a pot with a palm like plant on our deck.  It reminded me that God calls us to bloom for Him wherever we are.

Last night someone was talking about a couple they know who are missionaries.  I think most Christians admire those who go to a foreign land to proclaim the Name of Jesus and live their lives for Him.  But this planter with the sunflowers trying their best to grow where they were planted gives me a different perspective.

What is admirable is to bloom where you are planted.  I have been so inspired by the guy who drives the garbage truck that picks up the trash at Wesley Chapel.  I did not even learn his name until a few weeks ago.  Yet, before I knew his name, God revealed to me that there is something special about him.  Still, here he is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday flinging bags of trash from our church on to the back of the garbage truck.  Most people would not see that as admirable.  Again, I say what I admire about Christians is when they bloom where they are planted.

How easy would it be for a garbage truck driver to think he is too good for the work he is in?  How easy would it be for him to think God has bigger and better things for him?  And perhaps God does, but I know for the last few years, for the glory of God, this guy has been faithfully doing the work of the Lord driving the garbage truck in anonymity.  And nobody stands around at football games talking about how awesome he is.

One of the difficult parts of being called to do the “higher profile” jobs for God, like being missionaries, pastors, deacons, trustees, organists, and choir directors, is that it is too easy to start to believe that you are special… that your job is more important than other jobs in the Kingdom.  What is admirable is a willingness to serve Jesus in the “whatever and wherever”.  For some, it is admirable that they are doing laundry for their family today, because that is the season and the place God calls them to right now.  For others, it is admirable that they are serving Jesus Christ as teachers in our public education system.  Some people I admire will be downstairs in the church today working in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox room and getting yard sale stuff ready.

I close with something I once heard pastor Matt Chandler say, “Nobody walks with a swagger in the Kingdom of God and nobody walks with a limp”.  We are all but humble servants, only doing our duty, blooming where we are planted.





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