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Medic 1 – Help is here

When an ambulance or fire truck from Mineral County leaves the station, whoever is on board notifies the Mineral County 911 center that the vehicle is on the way to the emergency.  In addition, they tell the center how many … Continue reading

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Hard to believe September is almost here

Is it not hard to believe September is almost here…. wait, what?  September is almost gone?  Where did September go? That is how it seems, does it not?  September has come and is nearly gone and in what will seem … Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement

It has been 11 days since I made a post on my blog.  I expect a card from Lisa Ohlinger is probably in the mail.  (Don’t feel bad if it’s not, Lisa.  I’m half joking.)  Lisa and her husband Jeff … Continue reading

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The keys to the kingdom

When I first became a pastor back in Mason, WV in 2007, I remember how strange it seemed to me that I show up and the people gave me the keys to the church.  Looking back, it would have actually … Continue reading

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First Responders

There’s a lot of unknowns about Hurricane Florence.  It’s pretty certain that North Carolina is going to receive a direct hit.  The eastern panhandle of West Virginia may receive historic rainfall and subsequent flooding. I pray not. But last night … Continue reading

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What do you go by?

Yesterday Galen was taping the walls in one of the halls to be painted.  He was taping a line in the middle of the wall down a 40 foot hall to paint below the line.  It was obvious after the … Continue reading

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Our limited perspective

I was at the hospital early this morning and I had just walked through a set of doors by hitting the metal square on the wall.  Once my business there was finished, I hit the button to go back through … Continue reading

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