The work is in connecting

Do you ever notice that sometimes it seems like a cell phone battery lasts longer and sometimes they seem to go down quicker?   When I am on the edge of cell service and the phone goes in and out of service, on a mission trip for example, the phone struggles to find a connection and my battery drains much quicker from all the work in trying to maintain a connection.  When I hang around the church on a Wednesday when I’m working the Recovery Resource Center and cooking for our community dinner, it seems like the battery lasts longer.  I think it lasts longer because it stays connected to the wifi and so when I listen to Andrew Peterson on Pandora or listen to Francis Chan preach on YouTube, bringing information to my phone is not difficult.  Getting the information is not such hard work if it can stay connected.

This is why we must stay connected to God.  Once it begins, the difficulty in the Christian journey is staying connected to God.  It is way too easy to become distracted and find yourself wandering from Him.  If you will commit to staying connected to God, through church attendance, through reading the Bible, through serving in the community, through prayer, through talking to Him in walks through the woods, you will be sustained.  You will find a power source you never imagined.  You will find peace that surpasses understanding.  My prayer for you is that you get and stay connected to Him through Jesus.  Everything else will flow out of that connection.





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