Open to the world

The Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company is hosting Elite Pro Wrestling on October 19.  Member Chad Muir is stoked.  He likes wrestling and he loves the fire company and to combine the two for a fundraiser is like heaven to Chad.  Chad shared the information on Facebook, but when he shared it he had his privacy settings set to “friends of friends” which means if you are a friend of a friend of Chad’s, you can see it.  When I share it, only my friends can see it.  Friends of my friends cannot see it.  Do you follow?  I often see people write on Facebook posts, “Make it so I can share it”, which means open it up to the world.  Chris wrote on Chad’s post, “Make it sharable spanky”.  If Chad opens it up so anyone can see the post, the whole world can know about it and know they are welcome to attend.

This idea of opening it up to the world is what Christianity is all about.  Some people see Christianity as an “excluding religion” because the Bible teaches that there is a right way and a wrong way.  There is a way to the Father – Jesus, and there are a billion wrong ways.  I did a blog post a few years ago that was titled, “The road to hell is marked with signs that say HEAVEN”.  There is an enemy that tries to lead the world astray.  And there is a Savior that is offering salvation, beckoning the world to choose Him.  I have heard it said that “Christianity is the most inclusive exclusive religion there is”.  It is open up to the world.  Black, white, gay, straight, Haitian, American, Chinese, drug addict, alcoholic, dog lover, cat lover, thief, man, woman, child, and octogenarian.  None of that matters.  Jesus died to save the world from sin and hell.

To be included and counted among the redeemed, He calls us to repent of our sin – to ask for forgiveness and turn from our sin (with His help).  Every person who can claim Jesus as Savior has done that.  And the offer is shareable and open to the whole world.





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