The keys to the kingdom

When I first became a pastor back in Mason, WV in 2007, I remember how strange it seemed to me that I show up and the people gave me the keys to the church.  Looking back, it would have actually been stranger if they had not, but at the time it was just a weird feeling to be given the keys to the church that to which I was just arriving.  When I got to Short Gap, and the second church I had been sent to, it was less weird.

Now I am going through the same feeling about driving the ambulance for the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company.  One day I will get used to it, and I can feel it coming as every trip out I become more comfortable.  I will probably always be in awe of the fact that I can drive that $200,000 ambulance down the road lights flashing, siren blaring, and cars pulling over in front of me, and lives in the back of it depending upon me to safely and expediently get them to the hospital.

As these things come to mind, I am reminded of the most important keys to which I have access.  I have the key to peace in this life and the key to eternal life.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, so do you.  And just like the ambulance, I will always be in awe of having this key as well.  It is amazing to be able to share the words of life with people who are far from God and words of hope with people who are in crisis.  It is humbling to think that God trusts us with unlocking the door to Him for others.  Yet, we must walk this line between being comfortable enough while still acknowledging what an honor it is to have the keys.  And we must never begin to think that our keys can lock anyone out.  Our key can only open the door to Him.  Then it is up to them to walk through this open door.  Do you need to walk through the door?  Or do you need to use the key to unlock the door for another who needs to walk through the door?






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