Words of Encouragement

It has been 11 days since I made a post on my blog.  I expect a card from Lisa Ohlinger is probably in the mail.  (Don’t feel bad if it’s not, Lisa.  I’m half joking.)  Lisa and her husband Jeff own and operate the Elk Horn Lodge in Cooke City, Montana.  Diane and I have been there and recommend it.  It is a wonderful place a few miles from Yellowstone.  Nearly every time I take more than a week off from my blog, Lisa sends me a hand written card to encourage me to keep writing.  She is very encouraging.  Most of the time the reason there is a lengthy time between posts is that I have been away. Sometimes I am not away, but am just too busy to spend any time on it.  As a pastor, I am always choosing between good ways to spend my time.

Lisa’s constant encouragement over the years came to mind as I set my mind on a “Jesus lesson” for you today.  Any time you send someone a Facebook message, a card, a text, or go “old school” and call them, you know how that makes them feel, because you know how you feel when you get a word from someone.

Yesterday in church Diane said, when it comes to showing someone love, that we cannot always do grand things, but we can all show love and kindness to others in our path in their times of need.  It occurred to me at the time that showing love to someone who is having a trying time is actually a grand thing.  One of Mother Theresa’s famous quotes is, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Maybe this is the Lord today reminding you and me to drop someone a note or a message.  When we do so, they may see it as an encouragement from the Lord, which it will actually be because you read today’s blog post!  God’s timing is everything, even 11 days between blog posts.






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