Hard to believe September is almost here

Is it not hard to believe September is almost here…. wait, what?  September is almost gone?  Where did September go?

That is how it seems, does it not?  September has come and is nearly gone and in what will seem like three weeks, Christmas will be here.  And you do not even like that I wrote that because you know it is true and you do not want to hear it.

There was a man in his 90’s, who on Sunday talked about getting old.  To talk to someone that old, it always seems as though they try to figure out when it happened… how it happened.  How did they get so old?  It seems to them like just a few years ago they were so young and had their whole life in front of them.  Now here they are in their final moments, and they long for yesteryear.

Most of you reading this are not in your 90’s.  Most of you reading this are not young, but you are young enough… young enough to live on your own… young enough to drive… young enough to go for a walk if the rain would quit…  young enough to go to Walmart and not have to take the cart that may one day carry you around the store.

One of the great things about being a pastor is that I am constantly reminded of the frailty of this life.  I am always visiting people in the hospital, visiting people in the nursing home, performing funerals, etc.  In addition, running ambulance calls with the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company, I am reminded that you never know when the emergency will be mine.  I thank God at this moment, that I am not in a personal crisis.  Sometimes I feel led to remind others to appreciate when they are not in a crisis.  And to remind those who are, that it is only a season and God will go through it with them… that He is with them.

So appreciate today.  Today is a gift. Give God thanks for your options.  Call someone.  Send a card.  Enjoy a cheeseburger.  Visit someone.  Bake cookies with your kids when they get home from school.  The days go slow and the years go fast.  Seize the day.






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