Medic 1 – Help is here

When an ambulance or fire truck from Mineral County leaves the station, whoever is on board notifies the Mineral County 911 center that the vehicle is on the way to the emergency.  In addition, they tell the center how many are in the vehicle.  An ambulance will usually have at the least, an EMT and a driver.  However, when a paramedic is on board or on the way to meet the ambulance at the scene, the paramedic will notify the 911 center and say, “Medic 41” en route.  Each medic has his or her own number.  The EMT can handle most basic emergencies, but sometimes the more highly trained paramedics are required.  That is why the 911 center is notified that the paramedic is on the way.  Paramedics can also begin IV’s and administer drugs.

I was thinking about this in relation to Jesus.  As Jesus’ followers, when we go into the world, we are like the crew that leaves the station, saying “crew of one on the way”.  When there is a group of 4 of us going out to eat, it would be “crew of four en route”.  We can handle basic things like being kind and showing love and grace.  In certain situations, we might even tell someone about Jesus.  But, be sure of this my friend.  Medic 1 is always on the scene with us.  The One who can do all things is always at our side.  Today’s blog post is another way to try and remind you that God is always by your side. So when your crew of one responds, never forget that Medic 1 is always on the scene.  And when the emergency is yours, He is there.






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2 Responses to Medic 1 – Help is here

  1. Dennis Mickey says:

    Thanks for your great messages Pastor Knowlton, I really enjoy them.

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