No, I have not been hacked

Most of the people who read my blog are on Facebook.  And most of you, like me, have to get so tired of the messages and posts that say, “please tell all your friends not to accept a friend request from…”.  The funniest one was “Do not accept a friend request from John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  If you do, his name will become your name, too.”  Sometimes people will say, “I have been hacked. If anyone asks you for money or if you see anything unusual or offensive, it was not me.”  Then everyone says, “change your password”.

Sometimes I think about how my life has been transformed by Jesus and how it is almost like I have been hacked.  I am most definitely not who I was.  Yet, when someone is hacked, the people doing the hacking do not have the best interest of the person being hacked in mind.  And they do the hacking against a person’s will, tricking them.  In the last 20 years, I have willingly given Jesus more and more control over my life.  And that has made all the difference in how I see the world, how I deal with problems that arise, and how I look at all the governmental turmoil. I understand all of this will pass and one day I will be with Jesus and this world will be behind me.  That gives me peace.  The main thing that causes me any angst at this point in my faith walk is the possibility of letting myself get “hacked” by the devil!





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