Getting your attention

There is not much that gets my attention quicker than a beautiful sky. Sunrise, sunset, it does not matter.  Monday someone pulled in to the side parking lot of the church around 8 am.  Where they pulled in left them looking in a window in which I was standing admiring the changing sky.  I told them I knew it had to be creepy pulling in and seeing me standing there appearing to stare at them. They said it was. I told them the sky was changing by the second.

Lately I have had a couple people tell me that they knew that God was trying to get their attention through various means.  It is good that they recognize that.  I believe He is always trying to get everyone’s attention.  Last night at the Union Rescue Mission we talked about all the different ways He got peoples’ attention in the Bible from Moses and the burning bush to Paul being blinded to a talking donkey (Numbers 22).  It sounds silly when I say it, but the truth is often when I pray I remind Him that I am paying attention so He does not have to do anything drastic to get my attention!  Admittedly, a talking raccoon, skunk, of fox in the front yard would be pretty cool, but I am sure I would think I was hallucinating.  I love it when He gets my attention through sunrises and sunsets.  I do think about Him when I watch them.

Is He trying to get your attention?  He is.







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