When it Becomes Second Nature

This morning I drove the ambulance to the scene for the first time without anybody else on it.  Mineral County has a paramedic “chase car” that moves around the county and meets ambulances on the scene, particularly when an ambulance is short staffed. That is what happened today.  After meeting on scene, I take the paramedic and patient in the ambulance to the hospital and when we are done I drop the paramedic off at their vehicle again and I return to the station alone.  When I got back to the station today I forgot to tell the 911 center that I was back.  The chase car happened to be coming to the Short Gap station and saw that I was back and heard that I had not notified the 911 center, so the chase car driver radioed in to tell them I was back.

I find myself still having to focus on every little thing about driving the ambulance.  I have to remember to tell the 911 center any time I leave or I arrive anywhere.  I have to remember to take the portable radio into the home with me so if the 911 center checks on us we can tell them we are OK.  Otherwise they will send law enforcement to check on us (so far that only happened once.)  If I am not intentionally thinking about these things, I will not do them.  One day that will come, but they are not yet “second nature”.  Another way to look at it is that I will “get in the habit” of doing these things.

In a way, this is the case with our Christian walk.  Anytime I see on Facebook that someone writes they need prayer, I type prayer, like many others.  And my habit to is bow and pray right then.  I get so busy that I can not count on myself to pray later about this request.  “Praying now” has become my second nature.  When someone asks me for prayer in person, I will usually pray with them right then.  That way, I do not get behind on prayer and forget these precious requests.  That is just one example.  Reading the Bible had become second nature, or a habit.  It did not happen overnight.  It takes intentional thinking until you finally no longer have to think about it, but you just do it.  It is what I think Paul means when he says, “pray without ceasing.”  It becomes your second nature.  Until then, be intentional to think about them.






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