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Limited time offer

I did not buy any paper for the church in 2018.  We use paper, sure.  We print bulletins every week.  But the paper we used last year was bought in 2017, lasting throughout 2018.  So I just bought paper for … Continue reading

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What do you see when you look at this window?

When it comes to the Biblical command to love, the question is not, “What does love mean to you?” The question is “What does God mean when He says to love?” Continue reading

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What will replace the self checkouts?

Yesterday was a tough decision about cancelling church.  Last week we had one consolidated worship at 11.  This week, after the plowing left a wet parking lot and with the temperature plummeting throughout the day which would have left the … Continue reading

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The Lord hears you

This morning I woke up early and laid for over an hour thinking about getting pork bbq and turkey gravy started heating and banana wafer pudding made for the mission for lunch today.  So I got up, snuck out of … Continue reading

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Following the crowds

Yesterday Diane and I went to Walmart to pick up something she ordered and had delivered there.  She paid for it online so we did not need to wait at the checkout.  Since we were there we decided to buy … Continue reading

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Broadcasting to the world

Some time in the last year Diane was on Facebook and she noticed a friend was broadcasting live. She clicked on it and our friend did not know they were broadcasting live. You could see the phone set on the … Continue reading

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