The Lord hears you

This morning I woke up early and laid for over an hour thinking about getting pork bbq and turkey gravy started heating and banana wafer pudding made for the mission for lunch today.  So I got up, snuck out of the house, and went to the church kitchen.  As I was working and praying (Ora Et Labora), I felt like I should put, “Lord, hear my prayer” on Facebook.  I got on Facebook and typed it.  But before I posted it, the Spirit within me reminded me that I do not have to ask for God to hear my prayer.  I know hears my prayer.

Why would I write “Lord, hear my prayer” on Facebook?  What I was led to post instead was “The Lord hears your prayer” to remind others that God hears their prayers.  If I am being honest, sometimes I feel like a prophet of Baal (Elijah mocked them because their god did not hear them 1 Kings 18:20-38).  But I know that is a lie of the enemy.  God hears me.  And believing He hears me is more important than having my prayers answered in the affirmative.  I can handle a God who hears my petitions and in His greater wisdom knows they are not best.  What I could not handle is if they were not even considered.

Take heart and be of good cheer.  The God of Creation hears the prayers of His people.





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