Limited time offer

I did not buy any paper for the church in 2018.  We use paper, sure.  We print bulletins every week.  But the paper we used last year was bought in 2017, lasting throughout 2018.  So I just bought paper for the church that was delivered last week and I will most certainly not be buying paper in 2020, and possibly not even in 2021.  That is because every once in a while I catch an unbelievable sale on paper.  When I find one, I buy in bulk.  I bought 10 cases last week.  At 5,000 sheets of paper per case, that is 50,000 sheets of paper.  That will last us a while.

I am reminded of the sermon from this past Sunday.  I preached from 2 Peter 3 when Peter warns that Jesus will be coming back and everything here will be be “burned up”.  He will come back to set everything right.  I spoke about how we are living under grace right now, but one day the offer of grace God provides us right now will be withdrawn.  You must “get it while you can”.  Strike while the iron is hot.  Make hay while the sun is shining.  God is so merciful right now that you can curse Him, mock Him, or ignore Him, and He lets you get away with it.  He will let you appear to be a half-committed Christian, as if there is such a thing.  But one day. BAM.  He will return and there will be hell to pay for those who have not believed and received His “limited time only” offer available through Jesus.  The Scripture says He will separate the sheep from the goats, meaning He knows who is really saved and who is faking it or not even faking it.  So you and each of us must decide now while the offer is on the table.  One day, it will be too late.  The “sale” on grace will be over.  And you will wish you had gotten it while you could.





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