Does the weed killer recipe work?

For the last few years I have wondered if this homemade weed killer recipe really works.  I understand the concept.  Salt kills weeds.  Vinegar absorbs the salt.  And the dawn dish washing liquid would add a little stickiness to prevent the mixture from rolling immediately off the weeds.  I always say that I am going to try it, but I never have.  I have also never talked to anyone who has given it a try.  All I ever see are these pictures of dead grass on the internet. And contrary to popular belief, you cannot believe everything you see on the internet.  A couple of other home remedy type of things I have wondered about are the ones to keep windows from frosting in winter and ways to clean worn headlights, among others.

Some people look at Jesus the same way I look at the weed killer recipe.  They do not know for sure about him because they have not tried His “recipe”, which means:

  • They have not leaned on Him through a crisis in their lives.
  • They have not asked Him to help them with decisions.
  • They do not nor ever will have peace.

When I say they have never tried His “recipe”, I obviously mean they have never followed the plan of salvation.  This means they do not have a relationship with Him and receive none of the fringe benefits that come with that relationship.  The thing they (and perhaps you – if you do not have a relationship with Jesus) have going for them is they know people to ask to see if it works.  Unlike the internet recipes, which I am unsure about, I am sure of what a relationship with Jesus does in ones life.  I am sure because He has done it in my life.  And I have all the benefits listed above.  You can have them as well.  If you’re interested in the recipe, click here.






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