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New Mercies Each Morning

This morning I walked in to a little bit of a mess.  There were roasters, bags of food, a cooler, and a few other things scattered about the church social hall.  I would love to have called the person responsible, … Continue reading

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You don’t find peace until…

There is a song I like a lot by Ben Rector called, “Note to Self”.  It is a song about being kind to yourself and to others.  One of the lines toward the end of the song is, “You don’t … Continue reading

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I don’t need that kind of negativity

This morning I unfriended someone on Facebook.  It is someone who friended me years go, and someone I never see.  (Some of you may not finish this blog before you go check and see if we are still friends on … Continue reading

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No Matter How Good a Person You Are

I saw someone shared something to the effect of “No matter how good of a person you are, something thinks you’re a jerk”.  That was the motivation I needed for today’s blog post.  If I think I am good and … Continue reading

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Active Dry Yeast

This week some of us mixed up and baked a couple of batches of pepperoni rolls.  We are selling them in a couple of weeks to raise money for a mission we support in Haiti.  In the two batches we … Continue reading

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There has to be a reason

While in New Hampshire in May Diane bought a new, larger, decorative “sock” for the niger seed, or thistle seed.  The sock is a long mesh sack that holds these very small seeds that the goldfinches like.  For some reason, … Continue reading

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The courage to call people to repentance

Over the last couple of years I have bought about 320 cases of green beans.  That is almost 4,000 cans of green beans!  The people at our Wednesday night community dinners love green beans when they are cooked for several … Continue reading

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