There has to be a reason

While in New Hampshire in May Diane bought a new, larger, decorative “sock” for the niger seed, or thistle seed.  The sock is a long mesh sack that holds these very small seeds that the goldfinches like.  For some reason, they are not eating the seed.  Then we put out the same small sock from last year, but still no luck.  The goldfinches are eating the sunflower seeds instead.  Last year we would have a dozen of them on the sock of niger seed. There has to be a reason.

One of my favorite sermons God has given me is about reasons, or excuses.  It is from the book of John chapter 5 where a lame man at the pool of Bethesda cannot or will not reach the water to be healed.  It’s a 3 or 4 point sermon and one of the points is, “There are always excuses”.  When Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be made well, the man did not say yes.  The man replied, “There is nobody to put me in the water, others rush in front of me.”  Why will he not just say yes?  I wonder that about all the people who know about Jesus and will not say yes to salvation.

I have to remember that there was a time before I was saved when I had not yet said yes to Jesus.  My excuse was that I was a good person.  I obviously knew I was not perfect (others knew it as well), but I thought my good certainly outweighed my bad.  I was my own judge and I had found myself innocent.  I do not know what happened, but God revealed to me that I was not the judge.  He was… and is… and will be.  He helped me understand that I needed forgiveness from outside of myself.  I finally said yes.  Yes, I believe I have sinned and need forgiveness that I cannot grant myself.  I accepted what Jesus had done on the cross on my behalf, not understanding why.  I asked God to forgive me and to send the Holy Spirit to live within me and run my life.  And my life changed.

So in those times when I wonder why more people do not say yes to Jesus and follow Him, I remember my past and remember that we all have our own reasons holding us back.  But God knows the reasons and He will overcome them if you will let Him.  You can begin by saying yes to Him even today as He asks you if you want to be made well.

As for those goldfinches, why they will not say yes to the niger seed remains a mystery to me.






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