Meeting our needs

Today, September 16th, I received the New Hampshire tourism book that I ordered.  On May 20th, Diane and I headed to Hew Hampshire for about 10 days of vacation there.  I ordered a NH tourism book about May 1, assuming 3 weeks was enough time for them to send it to me.  It turns out it took 4 1/2 months.   We did research online and talked to locals after we got there.  We received some great recommendations and had a great trip, no thanks to the New Hampshire tourism bureau.

When I set out to write today’s blog post, I thought I was going to make the “there’s a sermon in this” point out to be something about being too late.  I even titled the post “A Little Late”, before getting to this point and realizing I needed to change it.  The lesson I believe the Lord is giving me in this is that He made a way for Diane and I to have a great trip to New Hampshire, in spite of NH Tourism dropping the ball.  He provided other ways.  And what that means to you and me is twofold.  First, sometimes we get opportunities to glorify Him and be an answer to someone else’s prayers and we drop the ball.  We have regrets when we miss opportunities to be a blessing.  You can be sure that God already knew when we were going to fail.  We were not the Lord’s last hope.  He was not holding His breath hoping you were going to come through.  If He wants a need met for others and you or I fall short, He will still accomplish His will.  We will just miss out on the blessing.  And secondly, if there is a way you think God should or will handle things you are praying about, remember He does not necessarily meet your needs in the ways you think He should.  Hang in there – He is always doing something.  He will supply your every need.





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